Wood VS Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

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If you’re planning to have an effective pizza oven in your kitchen or perhaps in your backyard, you might be wondering if you should invest in a wood or gas-fired oven. Here are some very good reasons to consider that concern both of these pizza ovens. It might make all the difference in getting the exact flavor or results that you want.

Why You Would Want A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Baking pizza in wood-fired pizza oven

If you’re into rustic cooking, you can’t get any better than the wood-fired pizza oven. Not only do you get temperatures that make authentic crispy crusts and a wonderful smoky-infused flavor, but wood-fired ovens are the way to go.

But some important speaking points can make or break the type of oven:

  • No matter how primitive a wood-fired oven is designed, the heat that is used here can easily reach 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wood fired ovens can cook a pizza in less than 5 minutes resulting in a crispier crust.
  • Depending on which wood you’re using in a wood-fired oven, you can get different flavors that are baked into your pizza dough.
  • Wood fired ovens take on different kinds of materials, building materials from sand and cement to metal, the frames of pizza ovens can vary. Natural materials like sand and cement need special post-curing to slowly bake out the moisture whereas metal structures can be used right away.
  • Wood fired ovens are often considered traditional and a highly-authentic method to cook pizza, bread, and many other old-world cooking methods.
  • Several wood-fired oven models are constructed to be nearly pre-assembled so they are easy to put together. Because of the popularity of modern wood-fired ovens, the cost difference is typically lower than gas-fired ovens.
  • Wood fired ovens have more appeal through nostalgia and an echo of the past. It’s been a popular feature to gather around these ovens for family get-togethers. Additionally, they make an ideal bonus for warming up on chilly nights.

Why You Would Want A Gas-Fired Pizza Oven?

Gas fired pizza oven

You might have some reservations in deciding on a wood-fired oven, so here are some excellent facts about gas-fired pizza ovens.

  • To make a gas-fired oven work is simple enough by turning on the gas burner and then it will do its thing. It will heat up to the desired temperature and reaches their target temp in a matter of minutes.
  • Gas fired ovens are easy to operate and are always a cleaner method to cook pizza since there are no ashes involved. Cleaning a wood-fired oven can be an extensive task that takes time compared to gas-fired ovens.
  • Because there is no need to add wood into a gas-fired oven, there won’t be added tasks such as chopping up sections of logs. No splitting of log pieces, no need to add kindling to get the fire going, and never having to order wood from a wood supplier.
  • Gas fired ovens use eco-friendly gas that burns cleaner than wood-fired ovens. The smoke and soot that goes into the air can make the surrounding air smell smoky and sooty. It’s also very easy to purchase these gas containers at any hardware store and refilled them at any gas station. Even the natural gas that is supplied to your home can power a gas-fired oven.
  • The cost to use a gas-fired oven is pennies on the dollar compared to using wood, which often costs a lot more than most people think. Seasoned wood that is meant for wood-fired ovens will have added charges to ensure there is no moisture in the wood while it burns.

Which Oven Is Better?

Wood VS Gas Fired Ovens

It’s a hard choice for some people who are having a hard time deciding which pizza oven is the better choice. Knowing the good and bad points simply comes down to preference and how much effort you’re willing to take on. If you don’t mind a bit of scheduled cleaning for wood-fired ovens, this outranks the benefits of authentic flavors you can only get by using a wood-fired oven.

For those who love the simplicity and easy-to-use ovens, gas fired pizza oven is fast and easy. Alternatively, a gas-fired pizza oven is typically better when used inside a home rather than being outside. Wood-fired ovens that are installed inside a home will need a chimney to vent away any smoke that builds up.

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